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A small town in the Czech Republic, in the Olomouc Region, in the Javorník Hook, situated on the slope and at the foot of the Złote Mountains. To the south west the Javorník Commune is bordered by the Lądek-Zdrój Commune, to the north – by the Paczków Commune and to the east – by Uhelná and Bernartice.


Javorník was mentioned for the first time in the book of benefits owned by the Wrocław bishops in 1290, whereas it was granted the town privilege in 1549. Except for short periods during wars, the Javorník estates were kept by the Wrocław bishops. In the summer period they resided in the Jánský Vrch castle, which is situated above the town. The history of Javorník is full of tragic moments; it was not spared by the Hussites in the 15th century, the raid of whom was followed by the Thirty-Year War and next armed conflicts resulting from the friction between Prussia and Austria. The town was devastated by plagues and great fires. Still, Javorník had its “golden period” in the 18th century when it was taken over by the Habsburgs after the first Silesian war and in 1767 it became their seat from which they managed the Nysa – Gródek princedom. At that time, bishop Philipp Gotthard von Schaffgotsch moved here from Wrocław and revived the local economy. Well-known composer, Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf was a chapel master at that time on the Jánský Vrch castle. Unfortunately, in 1825 enormous fire broke out which destroyed a significant part of the buildings. Despite efforts of the residents, the town will never restore its previous splendour.
During the World War II, French men and Russians were put in the municipal gaol in Javorník, whereas prisoner-of-war camps were located in Zálesí, Travná, Račí Údolí villages.


Město Javorník has a well-developed and interesting network of tourist footpaths and cycling routes. The monument of the town and its surroundings comprise:
– Jánský Vrch castle (with the largest collection of pipes in the Czech Republic)
– Town Museum (house of composer, Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf)
– Holy Trinity Parish Church of 1715 – 1725
– Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Travna
– an indoor swimming pool with a sports hall in Javorník


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