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Międzygórze is a small mountain town in the Kłodzko Land, delightfully situated in the Śnieżnik Mountain Massif, at the foot of Igliczna Mountain. It is one of the highest Polish towns in the Eastern Sudetes – it is situated at 570 – 670 m above sea level.


The existence of this tourist fashionable village was preceded by a settlement of woodcutters and charcoal burners established in the 16th century. It became popular in the 19th century when its climate and landscape were discovered. It is highly probable that Międzygórze owes its popularity to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snows on the nearby Igliczna Mountain. Its history reaches as back as to 1750 when the Wilkanów village mayor fetched from his pilgrimage to Mariazell (Austria) a figure of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child (of Our Lady of the Snows) and placed it at the breech on the slope of the Igliczna Mountain. In 1781, the construction of the sanctuary began in the place of the roadside shrine. In the next years, the church was rebuild and enlarged, among others, roofed cloisters surrounding the church nave were built in 1821. Marianne of Orange-Nassau, and later her descendants, was one of the main initiators and investors in Międzygórze during the 19th century.

The majority of sights in a form of historic architectural sites is connected with Marianne of Orange-Nassau and her family. Nevertheless, Międzygórze is also a touring wonder, an area located in one of the most impressive mountain places in the Sudetes. The buildings in Międzygórze are also characteristic: wooden cottages in Tyrol style with extraordinary carvings, cloisters, balconies and banisters. The most interesting buildings in this style are “Gigant” and “Gigant II” hotels, as well as the building of the post office (which is now being renovated and transformed into a luxurious boarding houses) and historical wooden parish church of 1740 – 1742.
Beside the monuments mentioned above, the most interesting monuments of Międzygórze are the following:
– Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snows on the Igliczna Mountain
– the Śnieżnik summit – 1425 m above sea level
– a hostel on the Hala at Śnieżnik
– a dam
– Fairytales Garden
Międzygórze has a rich network of footpaths and cycling routes, it is also an excellent base for skiing and cross-country skiing. Downhill rides on horn sleighs have been organised here for several years.

Marianne's object
The mill called the Old Mill, known since the 17th century, partially preserved on its north-west side. Later, in the times of Marianna Orańska’s reign in Międzygórze, it was a smithy and a popular inn. After the fires in 1908 and 1974 the shape of the building was slightly changed.
Currently the Zbigniew Fastnacht hostel “Na Śnieżniku” belongs to PTTK (Polish Tourist Country-Lovers’ Society). Previously it was called ”Schweizerhaus” . During a trek on the Śnieżnik summit princess Marianna Orańska and her father Wilhelm I of the Netherlands were enchanted by the beauty of surrounding mountains. The princess ordered to built a shelter, which was based on the former cow farm.
The name Marianna’s Rocks was given in 1939 at the instruction of Marianna Orańska’s grandson Frederick Henry of Hohenzollern and it derivates from her first name. Marianna’s Rocks are situated on the south-west slope of Żmijowiec Mount (1142m above sea level).
The building was constructed as a one-storied stable in 1740. At the instruction of Marianna Orańska  it was enlarged in 1849 and became the first guest house in Międzygórze called the “Good Date” Inn or the “Good Humour” Inn. Between the years 1869 – 1870 the building was reconstructed and connected with the so-called new house of the judge from 1858, then it was leased to Joseph Weiss. He ran the building as the “Weiss Hotel”. After the fire in 1971 the roof was lowered.
The manor house was built in 1858 by Marianna Orańska.  A wooden log cabin, with the features of  Swiss  architecture is also called the summer palace of prince Albrecht, Marianna’s son, or the hunting palace.
The evangelical church from 1911, funded by Marianna Orańska’s grandson Frederick Henry of Hohenzollern. Prince Frederick Henry (1874-1940) just like his grandmother was admired by the inhabitants for his care of them. He also stimulated the economic prosperity of these lands. The church was restored in 1988 and converted into Roman catholic church.  
The area around the “Wilczki” waterfall was developed in the second half of the 19th century by Marianna Orańska, the owner of Międzygórze. There were designed paths, outlook platforms, barriers, the bridge over the waterfall. Thanks to these  this place became one of the best known and frequently visited attractions in the Śnieżnik Massif.
A guest house erected in 1871 by the Dutch and Prussian princess Marianna Orańska. Rebuilt in the 70s of the 20th century.


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