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Cross-border trail przybliżający character Princess Marianne of Orange was created to commemorate this extraordinary character, her life and activities in the Polish-Czech border, and the enormous contribution that brought the socio-economic development of the area.

Route (approx 200 km) runs through scenic areas eastern Sudetenland.

It begins at the Sudetic Foreland, and mountain switchbacks rising and falling in the valley of defeat four passes:

Maple (707 m), Lądecką (711 m) in the Mountains of Gold,
Płoszczyna (817 m) separates the mountains Bialskie od and Puchaczówka Massif (864 m) separates the Massif Krowiarki on.

The course of the route:

     Ząbkowice Silesian
     Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
     Zloty Stok - Ladek Zdroj
     side of the Silesian
     Stare Mesto
     side of the Silesian
     Ladek Zdroj
     Bila Voda
     Zloty Stok
     Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
     Ząbkowice Silesian

Along the route there are many interesting sights and places, both approximating relationship with them and the character of Orange Marianne (labeled arrays - they include: the palace and the residences of the princess, her estates, forests and industrial sites) and other non-related directly to such Bear Cave in Kletno, gold mine in Zloty Stok, lock Jánský Vrch in Javorník.

When the trail is a diversified base of accommodation and catering for every tourist that allows to select the corresponding standard of service.