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In May 2007 the Department of Promotion and Development District Office in Zabkowice Slaskie started work on the marking Marianne of Orange-Nassau's Trail, as a promotion of her person.

The beginning of the work was organized by the District Office in Ząbkowice Śląskie conference opening work for the preparation of the trail, which took place on 29 June 2007 at the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki in Palace Princess Marianne of Orange. Participated in and delivered lectures include: dr. Włodzimierz Sobiech (former tenant Kamieniec palace), prof. Krzysztof R. Mazurski - the author of many publications about Marianna of Orange, Zbigniew Piotrowicz - the then Vice-President of Culture, Science and Education Assembly of Lower Silesia, prof. Jan Waszkiewicz, Mayor Lądek-Zdrój - Adam Schmidt, Zbigniew Szczygieł (representing the Association of the Massif Śnieżnik).

The conference was chaired by Ryszard Nowak - the then Mayor Ząbkowicki. The conference was proposed and first demonstrated in the course of the trail. Mayors of municipalities crossed by the trail in the future would be decided that they will sign a joint agreement that will begin work on marking trail on the ground through the marking of objects and places associated with the figure of Marianne.

On 17 December 2007 in Bila Voda in Marianna Hunting Palace agreement was signed between the 12 local governments of the Ziemia Ząbkowicka, Ziemia Kłodzka and Czech municipalities on trail marking of Princess Marianne of Orange, as the leading, cross-border project of Euroregion Glacensis. The agreement signed by the following Polish and Czech governments: Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, Lądek-Zdroj, Międzylesie, Stronie Śląskie, Złoty Stok, Bila Voda, Javornik, Stare Mesto, Ząbkowice Śląskie, Powiat Ząbkowicki and Powiat Kłodzki.

After signing the agreement began to work on the marking trail. Therefore, that there was already a possibility of co-financing the implementation of the trail means the task of the EU on 14 November 2008 by the Powiat Ząbkowicki on Secretariat Euroregion Glacensis for funding the project "Cross-Border Trail Princess Marianne of Orange - Phase I (preparatory studies)" in the Micro Fund for Cross Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Czech Republic 2007-2013. The project, in which the partner was the content and the financial Powiat Kłodzki, a partner of the Czech Bila Voda municipality was completed and settled.

The total project value amounted to 19.000 Euro. Funding 85% of the European Union and 10% of the state budget.


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During the second stage, the District Ząbkowicki made another application on March 31, 2011 to Fund Micro Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programme of the Czech Republic? The Republic of Poland 2007-2013 entitled to the task. Cross-border Princess Marianne of Orange Road - Phase III (Project traffic arrangements for the route).

Project for a total value of 21.870 EURO (after grants) to be implemented in July 2011-January 2012.

The third stage of the project is planned to develop a permanent organization of the project traffic for the entire course of the trail (Ząbkowice Delhi - Kamieniec Ząbkowicki - golden slope - Ladek Zdroj - Site Delhi - Stare Mesto - Králíky - Międzylesie - Międzygórze - Party Delhi - Ladek Zdroj - Lutynia - Travna - Javorník - Bila Voda - golden slope - Kamieniec Ząbkowicki - Ząbkowice Silesia).

Execution of this study is necessary to achieve the next stage of the project such as the tourist road marking (road signs E - 22a and E - 22b, E - 22c, E -7, E - 9, E - 10, E - 11 E - 12) automobile as an important complement to the tourist trail.

And this is the story Trail of Marianne Orange.